A Handy Dandy Euler Diagram for your TV Watching Experience [Pic]


[Source: Hoof–hearted on Reddit]

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  1. Understanding opposites in context of a graphical representation of set theory -> Basic math class.
    Understanding the difference between a Venn diagram and an Euler diagram -> 2 lookups on wikipedia

    Getting someone to repost you 2 Bit opinion as a diagram on his webpage -> priceless.

  2. I watched Arrested Development and I still watch TBBT (even if it was much better the first season).
    I guess that means the difference between what’s in it and how it’s done is what makes it funny.
    Never watched Nova or the kardashians but I assume the 2 shows suck balls ^^

  3. how in the hell is the big bang theory for dumb people? theres a load of jokes in there based on higher level scientific theories,

    yet you say arrested development is for smart people? a program that annoys the hell out of me with its adverts alone because of the sheer stupidity ….

    yeah, i do not and never will agree with this …

    • There’s also a lot of stuff in TBBT that is just flat out wrong, most of the stuff the laugh track is applied to isn’t even remotely funny, and the entire premise of the show is to try to make smart people look like idiots, which is comforting to all the real idiots of the world who try to act like there’s someone wrong with someone who actually has a functioning brain. TBBT’s sheer stupidity annoys the hell out of me, and when someone tries to tell me it’s “for people like me,” I want to slap them, because I actually recognize how wrong the show is and that it’s mocking people for the crime of being smarter than others.

      • I find it deeply accepting of smart people and as a linguist and biology enthusiast (I can’t vouch for Physics, Chemistry or Engineering) I find their references both humorous and accurate e.g. the reference to semiotics, the excellent joke about ‘more nervous ticks than a Lyme disease research facility’ (seriously, you need to know some random shit to get that one!) and the episode on memes. Yes the characters are a bit stereotyped, but actually they remind me of many of my friends, the very smart do tend to have extremes of personality and the characters of TBBT really do have a place in my heart.

      • I’ve paused the screen to read/solve the equations on Sheldon’s board…I’ve also watched every episode at least a dozen times… I actually owned about 1/3rd of the books/props/items features on TBBT before they end up on the show… Granted, I run a collectible toy store and make phone apps for fun, so I am a different breed. The show is mocking people for being smarter than others…does not mean it isn’t accurate…nor that it isn’t funny.

  4. Hm, most series are “for smart people”, so long you watch it to analyze stupid people/situations and learn from it. I dont watch but, I think Keeping Up With The Cardashians is a psychiatrist’s dream.

    • I have plenty of non time sensitive stuff pre-scheduled in case I don’t enough content on a day. This site is mostly managed (95%) by just 1 person, me.

      So sorry about that.

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