Should You Trust That Doctor?



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24 Responses to Should You Trust That Doctor?

    • Really, Dr Evil and Dr Octopus should be reversed on this. Otto Octavius is a physicist, not a medical doctor.

      Rest of this looks pretty solid, though. Nitpicks.

  1. Wasn’t Dr. Strange a top neurosurgeon? I would think that would slide him further over to the right. At least as far as Doogie Howser or J.D.

  2. Wait, why does Doctor Strange rank so low on medical expertise? He was one of the world’s most gifted surgeons, both before and after he learned magic.

  3. And Dr Horrible proclaims he has a PhD in Horribleness, where he is that could be an actual doctorate

  4. Where would Dr. House fall, he’s got a medical degree but his patients sure go through a lot before they’re cured.

    • If you’re a patient, right up there with Dr Huxtable. If you’re a colleague, friend or subordinate, we’re gonna need a bigger graph.

  5. The Doctor (from Doctor Who) studied medicine with Joseph Lister in the 19th Century according to the Second Doctor story “The Moonbase”, just an FYI

  6. The Doctor has lots of professional training. In literally every field of education possible. He had a doctorate of everything. In fact, he fits every box except the “No Training” one
    And Doctor Strange was a top surgeon until his accident that took his hands