Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games [Video]

Warning: Language.

This is totally staged, but who cares, right? If you look at this guy’s Youtube channel, there’s plenty of evidences that the video is fake.

An angry father runs over his son’s video game collection with a lawn mower.



6 Responses to Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games [Video]

  1. I would do this… and even though it is staged, there are kids/people who would act as dramatic as the boy did over video games, it can be an addiction just like any drug. Unplug people!!! – Reasons behind my thoughts, i’m the father of a 13 yr old that goes bonkers when you ground him from video games LOL

    • People act like its a drug because we all run shitty lives ran by corporations for money and power. people in the old days didn’t need money and could live off the land. back then you could move around, but now days you need cash to go places, so instead we head off to outer space, the middle east, or some fantasy land. Until we break away from the rat race, video games will be like all the other illegal/recreation drugs used to get away.

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