Image Comics to Release ‘ODY-C’, a Sci-Fi Reimagining with Female Lead

Image Comics is re-imagining Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey for a new, modern generation.

Writer Matt Fraction (Satellite Sam, Casanova, Sex Criminals) created the new story with artist Christian Ward (Infinite Vacation), with his own 4-year-old daughter, Tallulah, in mind.


“There’s this fallacy, in American comics anyway, that women don’t have power fantasies or don’t enjoy adventure stories,” says Fraction.

Fraction is married to comic book scribe Kelly Sue DeConnick, who pens Captain Marvel, which Tallulah also loves.

“I knew they’d never let me write Wonder Woman,” Fraction adds. “So I had to think about mythological adventure heroes, and Western myth kinda starts in a lot of ways with Odysseus and The Odyssey. It’s the foundational ‘Someone comes to town, someone leaves town’ kind of story.”

Cue a psychedelic, sci-fi space opera grounded in classic myth that veers away from “that macho he-man” stuff, à la 300, Fraction said.

ODY-C will focus on a Reecian warrior-mother named Odyssia, trying to make her way home from a galactic war with Troilia. As for the art, Ward’s influences ranged from Barbarella to Lady Gaga to Moebius to Hindu iconography to burlesque to fetish wear.

The first of 26 chapters comes out Nov. 26.

[via USA Today]


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