Romeo & Juliet: The Later Years [Comic]

If they’d still be alive at the end of the play, of course!


Comic by Dave Mercier from Mercworks. If you like this comic, be sure to visit the website and “Like” MercWorks on Facebook too!

[Source: MercWorks | Via CB]


8 Responses to Romeo & Juliet: The Later Years [Comic]

  1. Yes, many of us know that Wherefore is Why. That doesn’t change the fact that 99% of English speakers think it means Where. When the vast majority of a population thinks a word means something different, then the word MEANS something different. It is one of the basic rules of language evolution. It makes the line in the play make less sense, but that doesn’t change the common perception of the word.

    • This doesn’t work retroactively. If “infamy” ever becomes a good thing due to common perception, that doesn’t mean that Roosevelt meant something different when he called December 7, 1941 “A date which will live in infamy.”

    • That’s only true for commonly used words. Very few people are walkin’ around using wherefore on a daily basis so the “modern usage” argument is invalid. People are just ignorant and stupid.

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