Working Hard Drive Comes To Minecraft


A Minecraft user has created a working hard drive in Minecraft — albeit with a capacity of 1 kilobyte.

The drive, created by Reddit user “Smellystring”, works on a simple binary system. Instead of using magnets or transistor cells to store the data, it uses blocks that can be either solid or opaque. Reading from the disc involves beaming a redstone signal, which is roughly the Minecraft equivalent of an electrical current and will pass through the solid blocks but not the opaque ones. The drive uses solid blocks to represent 1 in binary code and opaque blocks for 0s. A virtual control room lets you “press” buttons to read from or write to the drive and even access a specific position on the drive.


Check out the full pictures and description.


4 Responses to Working Hard Drive Comes To Minecraft

  1. It seems like its more of an optical storage system than a HDD. Am I missing somthing?

    And anon, I have it installed on nearly all of my devices, Me and my son (5) spend a fair amount of our game time in Minecraft. I suspect that the open nature of the game and the fact that we can build anything anywhere is what draws my son, he likes it is the reason I play.

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