You Don’t Know English [Video]

For example, do you know where the word “testify” comes from? If you don’t, watch the video to find out!



3 Responses to You Don’t Know English [Video]

  1. In the final “fact” they claim a bit of folklore as just that, a fact. That makes me question the whole of the video. And I’m almost geek enough to look it all up…. almost.

  2. Infinidean is correct. Latin testis is the root for “testify” and for “testicle”, and the Romans never swore oaths on their testicles. In fact, the word “testicle” is modern. The common Latin word for testicles is “c?le?”.

  3. If Rhythm is the longest word without a vowel, what about rhythms.
    They might not know English as well as they think.

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