The Difference Between Marvel and DC

You have to give credit to the creator of this for being an equal opportunity flamebaiter…


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  1. According to Scott Snyder, the issue was not that DC won’t allow lesbians to get married; it’s that the won’t let *any* of their main characters to get married. Marriage is, plot wise, a closed story. I mean, as long as we’re bagging on DC, let’s not add “homophobic” to the list of charges. That’s as stupid as it is inaccurate.

    • Agreed… and that’s not even mentioning how the hyperbole exhibited here for Marvel is so ridiculously over-the-top, it’s gone beyond any modicum of truth.

  2. Since the New 52 DC have just been pussies and they will always be miles behind Marvel when it comes to movies, because Time Warner cares about ratings more than actually building something for the fans

  3. I will point out a few things.. DC has had a successful TV series on Wonderwoman, and did attempt to reboot it not too long ago, unfortunately it didn’t get the viewers it needs. Also, Marvel really has no A list female superheroes. Most of the strong female leads are part of a male/female teams. The closest they have is Ms. Marvel, but they never really did much with the character. Marvel does have a lot of strong supporting female leads. DC has quite a few female A+ listers: Wonderwomen, Catwomen, Batgirl, Sirien, and many more. Also, DC has made a number of their A+ list superheroes as Black: Superman and Green Lantern to name a couple. DC is still very weak with LGBT. Marvel embraced LGBT in the early ’80s. I’m still a Marvel fan, and the DC talking heads haven’t done that well in the press.

  4. And it only took Marvel 3 Iron Man movies, 2 Thors, 2 Hulks, 2 Fantastic Fours, 5 Spidermans, 1 Captain America, a TV show and an Avengers before Black Widow got that awesome screen time!

    So DC gets about 10 more movies before they feature an ass kicking female in a supporting role, if we’re comparing.

  5. ….really…really…this is just sad….why can’t they just do the amalgam comics thing again and maybe made a darkclaw movie or something….marvel has their share of great heroes and DC has a list of great heroes, male and female, I neither for nor against either, neutrality is best observed here, but as I said, Amalgam kicked ass, I want to see The Incredible Hulk take on Doomsday and just wreck both universes because honestly those are the only two characters that stand a chance against each other from either brand, The Gamma Ray Irradiated Beast versus The Unkillable, to a certain extent, Kryptonian Monster, because it would simply be, the hulk gets angry, tears Doomsday a new a-hole, Doomsday is reborn immune to said method of defeat, in the end the universes would be home to nothing more than planetary powder, an endless cycle of death and rebirth until the hulk tore the very fabric of time and space apart in his pursuit of the destruction of such an opponent. But…this is all the opinion of a young man who grew up exposed to the products like Tim Burton’s Batman, Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno in The Incredible Hulk, and Batman and Superman’s animated series along with the series’ that marvel put out like X-Men, The Silver Surfer, and Ghost Rider. One negative thing I have to say, and this isn’t made as a sexist remark but…how can Thor, a character already established in film and animation as well as real life mythology as a male, be a woman, I have no problem with a change for Ms.Marvel, or The LBGT thing, I actually applaud them for doing such a thing, but why change the sex of a character, it’s a little off putting for me. I do admit that DC has a lesser roster of “Super/Meta Human” characters but not every character has to be a powerhouse, Another good matchup would be something like Raven versus Ghost Rider. Anyway, yet again, just my opinion, I hate seeing fans from both prestigious and brilliant brands reduced to name calling, however intelligent the names might be, and I hate that someone would try to pit fans of either brand against each other with such a petty representation as this post has made.

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