Scribble Color Pen Update [News]


On Wednesday we covered a Kickstarter campaign for Scribble, a pen that could capture any color and reproduce it in ink or on screen depending which version you got. However, shortly after we ran the story, the Kickstarter campaign was mysteriously canceled by its creators despite getting nearly four times its goal of $100,000 in pledges.

It seems questions about exactly how — and even if — the device could work have prompted the cancellation. According to the creators:

In view of the many requests to better see and understand how the Scribble Pen and Scribble Stylus works, we are currently shooting another video in more depth which will be available sometime next week .

However, We received an email from kickstarter dated 08/12/14 requesting a new and more illustrative video within 24 hours, so we had to cancel the project with hopes of restarting it again  with a much more detailed video.

We fully assure you that there is no reason to panic and our team is doing its very best to come up with a much better and very informative video that will put all your questions and concerns to rest.

They’ve since posted a further update saying they’ll be relaunching the campaign with the new video. Although Kickstarter rules mean they’ll have to start the crowdfunding from scratch, they’ve promised anyone who made pledges to get one of a limited number of early copies of the pen will be allowed to reclaim their spot.

Tech enthusiasts are still arguing about the logistics of fitting the necessary equipment into a pen, but perhaps the most interesting part of the story is Kickstarter intervening in a project in such a way rather than sticking to its usual buyer beware approach.