Interactive Yoga Mat In The Works [Pics]

If you’ve done yoga at home from an instructional video, you’ll know it’s sometimes hard to be sure you’ve got the positioning and balance correct — particularly in positions where your head is pointed away from the screen. Devices like the Wii Fit balance board can help somewhat, but they are too small to cover your whole body. Now somebody’s shared an idea on the crowdsourcing site Quirky that could solve the problem.

Say namaste to your boring old yoga mat! Introducing Beacon, the smart mat that provides interactive guidance. Beacon communicates via bluetooth or USB cable with your laptop or smartphone to track progress, provide feedback, and help perfect your pose. Thanks to the embedded LEDs and pressure sensors, it turns purple to show you the correct position, red in areas where you’re applying too much pressure, and green when you are accurately balanced.

It’s still very much at the idea stage at the moment. The site is currently surveying the range of prices people would be willing to pay for such a gadget.



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