Everything Wrong With Death Race 2000 [Video]

The Cinema Sins crew produce videos listing everything they consider wrong with a particular movie. Sometimes you can argue that it’s a needless nitpicking exercise, but not with their latest video. Death Race 2000 director Roger Corman challenged them to cast their eye over his movie and they’ve now responded.


One Response to Everything Wrong With Death Race 2000 [Video]

  1. At 11:35 on the Movie Sin Timer (11:46 on the Media Player Timer for the YouTube video), Frankenstein explains that only the winner gets to shake hands with Mr. President and the Cinema Sins Crew points out that Frankenstein has won the race two times before and could already have killed Mr President.

    They (Cinema Sins Crew) were not paying attention when Frankenstein informed his navigator that he was not the first Frankenstein and that several others had preceded him in the role.

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