Controversial Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Cover [Pic]

Publishers Penguin have come up with a new cover for a 50th anniversary edition of Roald Dahl’s Charlie & The Chocolate Factory that’s certainly got people talking. What do you think, readers?


[Via: Buzzfeed]


16 Responses to Controversial Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Cover [Pic]

  1. yeah this is Veruca Salt, she is daddys little girl but also a spoilt brat she is used to getting what she wants and is rude about it… the picture is a perfect representation of her. what is the controversy?

    • I don’t really like it. It’s focusing on one character who isn’t even the main character. It should be of Charlie/Grandpa Joe if it’s about anyone. Or maybe a montage of all the kids who go in photos akin to this one…….I agree it’s a great representation of Veruca but I don’t like that it leaves out so much.

      • I think a picture of Charlie and Grandpa Joe would have been the obvious choice, but you could argue the story isn’t about them. The story is about spoilt children and what lifestyle can do to them if it is not kept in check. Veruca Salt is arguably the epitome of a spoilt child and an apt candidate for expressing the main meaning of the book through the cover.

  2. I am with Joseph, not the greatest cover for depicting the book nor it it the worst. But the picture itself is just strange, I mean it is controversial because there is apparently some controversy, but I can’t see why. All of the arguments I have seen for and against are a bit silly.

  3. Personally I don’t like it. Now if there was a series of alternative covers depicting one of the kids on each then maybe I could see going this route. But as an anniversary edition cover it seems a very lacking tribute to the book.

    • Actually, Wonka says the snozzberries taste like snozzberries, and veruca said whoever heard of a snozzberry?

  4. Not Charlie. Not a chocolate factory. Presumable Veruca. Why her? And yeah, this looks a lot like those kid beauty contest things. Roald Dahl’s books could be pretty weird (fun but weird), but the kid’s books didn’t have anything sexual at all. Thumbs way down.

  5. I don’t think there is any reason to be uncomfortable with the cover picture. I just think it is a horrible choice to put a secondary character on the cover. There is nothing about the picture that makes me think of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I had to cheat and scroll down to the other comments before I even knew who that was supposed to be a picture of.

  6. I think it says it all about the state of American culture. A story about a boy from a very poor family who is given one magic chance to live his dreams, has cover art depicting a rich “Honey Booboo” privileged brat who is the poster-child for afluenza. Bravo Penguin Group