How Fox Reacted to Guardians of the Galaxy [Comic]


I’m a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.

[wishforagiraffe – Reddit]


7 Responses to How Fox Reacted to Guardians of the Galaxy [Comic]

  1. Don’t give them any ideas; they’ll turn Jayne into a talking stuffed animal and Book into a tree, and then give the intern the job of actually writing it. Because Fox.

  2. I still dream of the day that Netflix get their act together and bring it back, even change the name if fox are being dicks.

  3. “Find a ship. Find a job. Keep Flying.” – The man is flying, without a ship. Ouch !
    Even in this way, “You can’t stop the signal, Fox !”

  4. not really. it was called Farscape before that. and it was called Big Trouble in Little China before that. Myopia is a terrible condition.