Why Do Our Hair and Eye Colors Change? [Science Video]

When babies are born, their eyes and hair are one color, but change within the first few years of their life! Why do hair and eye colors change? Trace explains the process of inheriting certain traits from your parents, and discusses why the colors change!



4 Responses to Why Do Our Hair and Eye Colors Change? [Science Video]

  1. Hmm, my eyes started changing again at the age of 25 and get more grey as time goes on.
    They where pure brown and are now 2/3 grey with brown only in the middle.

  2. My eyes are blue-grey with yellow around the pupil. I love them, and I wouldn’t want any other eye colour.

    My daughter was born with hair the colour of pitch, and a full head of it at that. By the time she was one year old, her hair was a light blonde. I guess the melanin decided to take the rest of her life off!

  3. i was a ginger until late puberty, my hair went dark brown after that …. and now the grey kicks in….
    eyes have always been greenish

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