BRICKNADO: a Sharknado-Themed LEGO Building Contest [Picture Gallery]


In celebration of Sharknado and its sequel, which will air tonight on SyFy, The Brother Bricks recently held a contest inviting their readers to create a LEGO model featuring sharks, nados, chainsaws, and anything else related to the silly made-for-tv movie. The contest is now over, but the entries are really fantastic. The site will announce the winners tonight, but we’ve picked some of our favorite entries for you guys to admire.

Kevin Ryhal - Fin Rides The Sharknado!

Kevin Ryhal – Fin Rides The Sharknado!

El Barto - Kong vs Sharknado!

El Barto – Kong vs Sharknado!

Letranger Absurde - Sharkbending

Letranger Absurde – Sharkbending

Uno Brick - Guest from "Sharknado 2" Visits "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fisherman"

Uno Brick – Guest from “Sharknado 2” Visits “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fisherman”

From the Brother Bricks:

We will announce 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners on the 30th, right before the movie airs. Winners will get to choose (in winning order) from one of the following prizes:

• Rare San Diego Comic Con official Sharknado t-shirt, mens large [donated by Mariann Asanuma]
• “Ye Olde Bag-o-Sharks” [a dozen LEGO sharks, old variety]
• Sharknado pop vinyl figure
• Sharknado on Blu-Ray

You can also expect plenty of honorable mentions, and perhaps a mystery bonus prize or two!

Edit: And the winners have been announced!!!

1st place:


2nd place:


3rd place:


Thanks Iain!

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