Arizona Couple Gets Married as Superman, Wonder Woman [PICS]

Reinesha and Devan recently got married at a vintage farmhouse in Gilbert, Arizona, but neither one wore the traditional bridal wear.

Sure, Reinesha wore a gorgeous white dress and Devan wore dress slacks with a vest…but that’s where the similarities end.

“My husband Devan has been my Superman from the day I laid eyes on him,” Reinesha told BuzzFeed. “He also calls me Wonder Woman, because I was a single mother and had so much on my plate.”

So, naturally, they got married as Superman and Wonder Woman, with the children as Amazons-in-training!

Their pet names for each other are even “Kal-El” and “Diana Prince.”

“I am a huge comic book junkie. Comic-Con in San Diego is my Mecca,” Devan said.





[via KTAR]




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