Here’s What Happens When an Iceberg Collapses Near You [Video]

Warning: Loud screaming.

Pretty terrifying, right?

[riickstead | Via LS]


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  1. Is her screaming what happens when an iceberg collapses? If that’s the case I’m staying away from them for sure.

    • Well, depending upon the mass of the falling ice and the particular shape of the bottom of the bay/ocean they are in it could create a wave large enough to flip/sink the small boat they are riding. Which could kill them if the water was cold enough and no one was around to help them, which seems at least possible if not likely.

      So, she was realizing that “Rick” had no clue as to the possible peril they may be facing and was advising him to take prudent action to keep them safe. As calmly as her adrenaline was allowing.

  2. She’s yelling because the displacement of water from the ice berg, is pretty damn huge. It’s kind of hard to tell at the angle this is shot, but notice how when it first all falls into the water, the water rises up in a massive wave? Well, that doesn’t just vanish. That massive wave quickly goes under the water and travels outwards. If you’re anywhere near it when the wave comes close, it can quite easily capsize your boat into the very very very cold water. People die from this kind of event fairly often actually… And it doesn’t take much of a wave to tip a small boat over.

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