Mary Poppins Quits (Ft. Kristen Bell) [Video]

Mary Poppins (Kristen Bell) is working for minimum wage, and really needs a raise.

The current minimum wage in the U.S. is $7.25 per hour. In Canada, where I live, people on minimum wage earn from $9.50 to $11 per hour, depending on their province of residence.

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    • Hey, just because she’s smokin’ hot and filthy rich doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what it’s like to be butt-ugly and underpaid

      Er, wait….

      Well, at least she’s intimately familiar with a culture of oppression that doesn’t let you go out on the job market and find a position that pays what you’re worth.

      Oh, erm… hmm…

  1. So she is proposing increasing minimum wage by about 50% and thinks that is not going to have an impact? So lets see if I get this – I am supposed to listen to an actress that makes millions a year and hasn’t held a standard job before because it is being sung.

  2. It’s funny how she runs through the the 3 largest items that cut into everyone’s pay and just keeps cruising right on through. No doubt brainwashed into thinking nothing positive can be done to any of the 3, but that they must stay just exactly as they are. I call the very last thing she said at the end. Follow the flow of all three and you will find mishandling, overspending, probably a good dose of nepotism, and all manner of things that do not fly in a real world scenario, which the gov’t doesn’t seem to want to operate in. Close the fat cat’s offices within the gov’t that are very unnecessary and likely redundant in many cases. Let them tow the line they want to cast on the rest rather than surfing on the backs of the others the way they cry and scream of the 1%. Washington and Hollywood are out of touch with what is relevant, right and sensible. Anyone saying otherwise has an agenda in hand.

  3. In the states, it also fluctuates like Canada. Our top minimum wage state is $9.50, I believe. That translates to $10.21 in your colorful money. So we’re not really so far behind you.

  4. I’m just impressed with her singing. What a wonderful set, too. Oh, did she express an opinion, too? I must have missed that.

  5. It is a cute video, but as many of these are, also misleading.

    Jacking up the minimum wage by like 40 percent or so will not do anything except hurt businesses. And as usual they’ll tote out that big company with the well-paid CEO and state how unfair things are. But it’s not them where the problem will lie. It is with those small businesses that count on part-time after school help that will get slammed. Not to mention those teens that will be out of a job.

    Here’s the thing. You cant take a job as a stock boy, which was intended as a part-time job for teens and say “I can’t feed my family on this!” It wasn’t designed to! The problem is adults take these positions, then complain they’re not full time, and then complain they’re not paid enough to feed a family. OF COURSE NOT!

    There is a solution though. Part one is THE GOVERNMENT HAS TO SPEND LESS so they can leave us with more of our paycheck. THAT would be a huge help. The second part would be to have different “minimum wages” for different class jobs. Jobs that are intended for teens get that minimum wage. If an adult takes that job, don’t complain, that is the minimum wage for that job! Full time store clerks might make a higher minimum intended for adult workers. Part time stock boys and Mickey D after school servers would probably be making that lower minimum. In that way the people that need to be helped can be, without pricing everyone else out of the market entirely!

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