D.I.Y. ALERT: ‘Labyrinth,’ ‘Star Wars’ & Muppets Cupcake Toppers

I know what you’re thinking: “No way! I could never do that!”

Well, Instructables user cakesprite heard your cries of desperation and frustration and has come up with step-by-step instructions to ccreate Labyrinth, Star Wars, and Muppets cupcake toppers of your very own!

Cakesprite uses certain cake decorating tools and sugar paste for the sculpting, so even if it’s as simple as she claims, patience is a virtue you may need in spades.

But hey, if you mess up, at least you can eat your mistakes!

Labyrinth-cupcakes muppets-cupcake-toppers star-wars-cupcake-toppers

[via Nerdist]


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