The Glorious Experience of Eating Poutine in Slow Motion [Video]

As someone who lives in the province of Quebec, I’m a huge fan of Poutine. I once ate the 15-pound “heart attack” monstrosity from Poutineville along with a few friends, and I even wrote a post detailing how you can make your own poutine at home back in 2007. With that in mind, to express my undying love for the stuff, here’s a 60-second video of two dudes eating poutine in slow motion. You’re welcome.

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3 Responses to The Glorious Experience of Eating Poutine in Slow Motion [Video]

  1. As a frenchman that used to live in Montreal for 2 years I never understood how some people could enjoy poutine.
    For me, french fries should be crunchy. With tomato sauce on top of it with cheddar cheese it becomes soggy.
    Well, I don’t say it is bad (all my Quebekers friends would kill me if I say that) but I think it is typically the kind of food that you can appreciate when you are used to it (like snails, frog legs and strong cheese in France).

    Or I need an explanation.

  2. Tomato sauce and cheddar? That’s not poutine.

    You need to mix up fries with gravy sauce and cheese curds.

    I live in Montreal, but once introduced Americans and Canadians (from Alberta) to poutine whilst in Paris (a Canuck bar made a half-decent one).

    The guys had never tried poutine before, but flipped out and loved it.

    • My mistake for the cheddar and tomato sauce.

      It’s true that the sauce is brownish.

      It was poutine from “la belle province” and some other poutine places in Montreal that I tested, my quebec friends said it was good so I believe them.

      Again I don’t say it is bad, just that I don’t like it and don’t see why it is good.

      But, hey, I’m French so I’m not meant to like anything except baguette and smelly cheese (self derision inside).

      No offense.