‘Like a Girl’ Campaign Hopes to Champion Girls’ Confidences [VIDEO]

There seems to be a renaissance of feminism hitting the airwaves — and Internet — in recent months.

Now, appropriately enough, Always, maker of feminine products, has made a “Girl Power” commercial, directed by Lauren Greenfield, “Sundance Film Festival award-winning creator of The Queen of Versailles, according to AdAge.com.

In the ad, Greenfield asks girls of all ages — and one young brother — what it means to do something “like a girl.” It’s interesting to note that the older girls know the phrase meant to be insulting, while the younger ones aren’t sure — one girl only guesses that it sounds like a bad thing.

With their “Like a Girl” campaign, Always is hoping to “champion girls’ confidence” as they hit puberty, as their research showed half of girls lose their confidence as they hit their teen years.


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  1. OK, why this is stupid. It comes down to a discussion that my wife and I have often and she asserts that the problem isn’t with what I am saying, its how you allow what I say to effect you. If you allow my words to effect your life that is your problem, not mine. There are tons of old sayings that support this; I’m rubber, your glue…

    When I say run like a girl I mean to insult. I’d say it to guys, I’d say it to girls, equal opportunity offender. Imagine the uproar if I said you run like a retard. If I do is there really a problem with what I said, or does the problem come when the recipient is overly emotional about how they are described?

    In this ever more sensitive society people are becoming more and more dependent on being accepted by others. This is mostly a problem born from antisocial parents who raise kids that end up with social issues. It has been amplified by our over entertained society that spends the majority of it’s time in front of a monitor or TV.

    If you are a young girl or boy or even adult who feels you are dependent on others opinions of you please take a moment and realize just how insignificant they are. They have no place to judge you anymore than you do to judge them. Their words, insults, etc are not what make you. You are defined by your actions, make your actions be fantastic. Make your actions make a positive difference for others and the rewards will come. Once the rewards are there, you’ll not give a SH!T what others call you.

    • I agree. No one should let what other people say define them.

      But there is a period between 10 and 12 for girls and I think 12-14 for boys (it’s been a long time since I took childhood development) That they are growing out of being strictly who they were raised to be and trying to develop their own identity and sense of self and they begin to pick up social cues by listening to what’s said around them.

      You learn a language by hearing the same things said over and over again and eventually you learn what those words mean. The same thing happens when trying to develop an identity. They hear, in this case, “like a girl” being used as an insult so “like a girl” becomes a bad thing. It’s almost subconscious.

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