‘Like a Girl’ Campaign Hopes to Champion Girls’ Confidences [VIDEO]

There seems to be a renaissance of feminism hitting the airwaves — and Internet — in recent months.

Now, appropriately enough, Always, maker of feminine products, has made a “Girl Power” commercial, directed by Lauren Greenfield, “Sundance Film Festival award-winning creator of The Queen of Versailles, according to AdAge.com.

In the ad, Greenfield asks girls of all ages — and one young brother — what it means to do something “like a girl.” It’s interesting to note that the older girls know the phrase meant to be insulting, while the younger ones aren’t sure — one girl only guesses that it sounds like a bad thing.

With their “Like a Girl” campaign, Always is hoping to “champion girls’ confidence” as they hit puberty, as their research showed half of girls lose their confidence as they hit their teen years.

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