COSPLAYERS, GET READY: DC Launches New Version of ‘Batgirl’ [PIC]

So…I don’t understand DC Comics. For a bazillion things they mess up, they seem to get one thing right, like with Batgirl’s new uniform.

Out goes the big boobs and heels and spandex suit…and in comes the Doc Martens, leather jacket, and modest chest size.

Cosplayers, start your engines.

The new take on Batgirl comic launches in October and will be written by Cameron Stewart and Brendan Fletcher — dudes, obviously — but the new uniform is courtesy illustrator Babs Tarr, who will be making her mainstream debut.

Based on the description, the new direction of Batgirl leaves dark, Gothic depression behind and instead, makes her more of a modern Nancy Drew, by “mix[ing] the best elements of Veronica Mars and Girls, with a dash of Sherlock thrown in for good measure,” according to io9.


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  1. Adorable! But I am not a big fan of the boots. I see the idea here was function over form, so why big, heavy boots that would hinder the graceful movements known to Batgirl?

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