New D&D Edition Verbally Embraces Non-Binary Genders

In all the editions and rule books of Dungeons and Dragons, the RPG has never specifically said that players cannot create characters that are neither specifically male nor female…but the rules have never actually said you could, either.

Until now.

Last Thursday, Wizards of the Coast released a set of “basic rules” for the upcoming fifth edition that are free for downloading, “with the idea of putting this new version of D&D into ‘as many hands as possible,'” according to The Mary Sue

Chapter 4 is called “Personality and Background” and here is how the rules now read:

DnD 1 DnD 2

The 5th edition Starter Kit will hit shelves July 15 and can be pre-ordered right now on

[Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Fantasy Roleplaying Fundamentals (D&D Boxed Game)]


8 Responses to New D&D Edition Verbally Embraces Non-Binary Genders

    • instead of leaving equality and representation on Tumblr (the hell does that mean?) maybe we can leave yunlien in a basement, alone, antisocial and uncared about (where they belong)?

  1. BRAVO! Wizard of the Coast, I salute you. The fantasy genre is not exactly known for its progressive point of view on issues like race and gender, and this is a refreshing new take.

  2. This has (little to) nothing to do with non-binary genders.

    This is about being gender non-conforming, maybe transgender.

    Which, is great, but the title is misleading. And the content is outdated. The h-slur is, indeed, a slur against intersex people, and perpetuates harmful stereotypes of intersex conditions. The “trapped in the wrong-sexed body” trope is old as sin and still inaccurate. Some people are androgynes, but that is different from appearing or being androgynous (gender identity, versus gender non-conforming). Pretty much all of these examples fall into stereotypes, and into binary actual gender identities.

    Also why are all of the examples about people assigned female?

    Like, yayyyy. Progress. *whoo* I totally get being happy about this, it is a step, it is better, power to you if you find it validating. I still don’t see this making it easier for me to introduce a non-binary character and not get aggro’d.

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