Geeks are Sexy: The Lady on Top Needs to Go (Help Needed!)


Ok guys, she’s been there for too long, the lady on top needs to go.

That picture was originally included by the template designer a few years ago and I kept her there mostly because:

1- I became “blind” to her and don’t even see her anymore

2- I’m already overworked and while I’m a little of an artist myself, nothing I could do would be “enough” to please me.

Can anyone help? There’s probably quite a few of you out there who’d be willing to help to have her replaced from what I understand. Naturally, the illustration would have to fit with the current blog design.

What I need: a 200X265 transparent PNG. Max size: Around 50 Kb. Smaller is better.
What I’m willing to offer: $50 to the person who makes the best design (As chosen by me.) I might even pick 2 or 3 and rotate them if I get enough good submissions. The designs must be original and must not contain copyrighted elements.

Edit: I’m not looking for a new logo, just an illustration to replace the lady. Naturally, the illustration would need to fit with the logo color-wise.

Edit 2: Yes, another lady would be fine, or a male and female geek in the same illustration as well.

Edit 3: Some Ideas I received via email: An illustrated, nerdier version of the current lady would be awesome.

If you’re willing to give this a try, send your submissions over to: [email protected]


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  1. Please don’t follow this stupid trend lately of removing women from websites, magazines etc… The chick works. If this chick isn’t doing it for you, find another please. Also, Bob… either your a chick posting as a dude or your homo… Liz Katz = the bomb.

  2. Personally I’ve always really enjoyed her up there… believe it or now she was one of the things that initially attracted me to the site. I hope the new pic is something equally sexy yet geeky.

  3. I’m glad you’re removing it, I personally never liked it from a composition stand point: I found the way she sits on the edge of her seat discomforting and her pose unappealing. Good luck finding a replacement!

  4. hahaha13 i really thought she was originally made to be there because Geeks are Sexy =) would you want a new logo? I would love to participate!

  5. Very glad to hear she’s getting the boot.
    I always thought that photo made the site look like it was trying to appeal to pervy men rather than empower people as proud geeks and redefine what “sexy” means.

    Unfortunately, I’m no artist but I think that DeviantArt challenge sounds like a good idea if you don’t get much response here

    • That was my feeling as well, I didn’t feel that that woman WAS a sexy cool geek, more that she was on showcase. I’d love for her to look more empowered, I think facial expression would go a long way to convey that: she looks distanced, non-expressive, and vacant right now, or like she’s making bedroom eyes at the viewer. I’d like a more confident smile.

    • She comes from a stock picture database…. the template designer bought the pic for us when he was creating the template.

  6. Do you have a deadline of when you’d like these by or will it be an ongoing request, even after you’ve picked a few, just to keep things fresh in the future?

  7. It’s about time, it’s not only male geeks who visit this site! Always found that image a bit one sided!

  8. Guys if they want to change their page there is really no reason to try to talk them out of it. if the stock photo is the only reason you come here then maybe you should find something else to do in the first place.

    I think its cool they are including the community in the process.

  9. I think you have to replace she with a representative women from the geek culture. I have a cosplay of Samus Aran and Jadzia Dax in mind (please not Seven of Nine, she is gorgeous but kind of a cliche)

  10. If you get the submissions, I say rotate a couple images. Male, Female, etc…because Geeks of all genders are sexy and should be represented.

  11. Poll is a great idea actually. It would also provide more interaction between site and fans. Aaand yes, include both male and female. If followers can send their own photo shoots that would be better, therefore you don’t even need to give 50 dollars in this way. Many geeks or wannabes would want to be seen on the top of such good geek site, that’s more than enough for reward.

  12. I understand it’s your site but I tend to associate your leggy “Lady at the top” with it and I would miss her if she were to leave your site.

  13. I don’t know…the big thing about GAS is that it shows that geeks, both male and female, *are* sexy, and the girl up top…yeah, I’m not going to state the obvious there.

    But since you want to change the logo, may I suggest having a series of them, and having the page randomly pick one each time the page is loaded?

    (And for everyone else, can I strongly suggest everyone consider following in the footsteps of the current logo and breaking the stereotype of geeks (of course!).)

  14. I remember talking to you about this – wow what 5 years ago perhaps when I first started following and you said you were looking at a new one. I also remember you sending me one of the “other” ones from this gallery :o

    I’ve never really had a problem with it, though I do appreciate those that find the fact a woman is there as a problem.

    Funny thing is the biggest issue I’ve ever had is that this site is on my “frequently accessed tiles” when I open up the browser…. I get many clients/friends/colleages that believe I am browsing a Geek Porn site.

    In terms of the images, please don’t go straight for CosPlay. While that is part of the site, it isn’t all of the content and it would be a shame to see that take over.

    I’ve been waiting for the last 5 years or so for this and the theme to change. But you know what… I like it the way it is now.

  15. How about launching a kickstarter project to raise funds for either hiring artists or as prizes? You could set the goal at $5,000 and say that regardless of how much you raise 40% will go to the first place winner, 30% to second, 20% to third and 10% to fourth. You’ll run the winners on this site at random (with the same odds of them showing up).

    If you reach your goal you could post the contest on deviant art and other sites to motivate artists and give Geeks are Sexy some promotion.

    If this takes off (as they sometimes do) then you’ll get a ton of PR, oodles of money to offer for more prizes, get the word out to more artists, and bask in the glow of momentary internet celebrity status.

    If it fails, you’re only out the few hours it took to put it together.

  16. Back when I had a blog, I had an ambitious idea to have the “cover image” on the header randomly rotate between an array of different-but-related images. Have you considered doing something similar? There’s lots of good ideas on the thread, why restrict yourself to just one?

  17. I always thought this blog was created by a woman cause of her. Not that I think it sucks cause a guy is actually doing it, but I was thrilled at her. But I did think a woman would have NEVER put that picture up there. Maybe a marketing professional would have when creating it in order to attract more men, but not a woman, by choice.
    A “geeky girl” tends to be a little tattooed, maybe colored hair (I went from blonde to red because of Doctor Who), loves tshirts, jeans, and while we do dress up, its not everyday we are hanging around in our cosplay with our heels and boobs hanging out. We have a few toys around us at all times (laptop, iPod, smartphone, iPad, etc) not to mention we can hold our own in a discussion of who was a better Captain, Kirk or Picard.

    Now create that image and put HER up there!

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