Dice Shaming [Pics]






Scumbag D20.



7 Responses to Dice Shaming [Pics]

  1. Best comment I ever saw on correct your dice’s poor behavior:

    “There‚Äôs another, lesser known way to recharge dice.
    When one die refuses to roll well, line up all the rest of your dice so they can all see the offending die. Then crush it with a hammer. This will show the price of failure, and encourage your other dice to avoid a similar fate.”

  2. I’ve heard that dice morale is low around here. So we will begin dice executions until morale improves. Sincerely, The Master.

  3. Just put them in the freezer until they learn their lesson. But make the other dice watch you do it, just in case.

  4. Sadly I have actually done this and more. I had a d20 failing me all night long….I told the group I would be right back and went downstairs to my room, I returned shortly with a hole drilled through the die and the rest rolled perfectly all night long!