Why Did We Blow in Nintendo Game Cartridges?

Did YOU blow on Nintendo game cartridges when you were young? I know I did… and that was back in the 80s, when the Internet wasn’t around to let me know that EVERYONE was doing it, even though it did little to actually “fix” my games. Check out this interesting video by “It’s ok to be smart” explaining exactly what was going on in most people’s minds while they were doing it.

[It’s Okay To Be Smart | Via TMS]


6 Responses to Why Did We Blow in Nintendo Game Cartridges?

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  3. I know that the real purpose of this video was to discuss how our inherent tendency to recognize patterns can lead us astray. That being said, with regard to its primary example, it does nothing to actually show that blowing on faulty nintendo cartridges didn’t make them work other than simply saying, “it didn’t do anything.” Well, like many of my vintage would attest, it sure seemed to do the trick. Show me results of a study comparing individuals blowing on a cartridge versus a control group just hitting the reset button a few times, versus another control group that actually removes and reinserts the cartridge without blowing on it before telling me it doesn’t work. If the control groups require the same or fewer restarts as the other to fix a cartridge, then you have actual experimental data supporting your statement.

  4. I would slightly spit in the catridges which would help the connection between it and the console. That as well as blowing could help move dust and other particles blocking the connection to the cartridge thus increasing the chance to work after.