What if You Could Have Just One Super Power? [Comic]


Which one would it be? Personally, I’ll go with one of the most obvious choices and pick the power of flying. What about you? Let us know in the comments below!

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10 Responses to What if You Could Have Just One Super Power? [Comic]

  1. The power to instantly transport any automobile that I can see into the owner’s driveway, leaving the owner standing buck nekkid with his hands handcuffed to a steering wheel around his neck, 400 yards further down the road.

  2. I’ll steal one and say: probability adjustment
    “Chance of suddenly gaining flight and other required secondary powers? 100%”
    “Chance of curing cancer or other difficult to treat/cure disease? 100%”
    “Chance of someone gaining power equal to or similar to mine? 0%”
    “Chance of pizza for dinner? 97.659%”

  3. The power of finding anything that I am looking for – google on steroids. Lost keys? No problem. Need job? No problem. Need answers to the meaning of the universe? Do I feel lucky?

  4. The ability to change any picture into a real item, want a car? picture of a mustang, want some Cash? picture of a wad of cash, need some backup? picture of wolverine :D

  5. The ability to specify any location in the multiverse, and teleport there instantly.
    “a universe where everyone who breathes the air gains magic powers”
    “a universe where there is broken-leg-medicine in every corner shop”
    “a universe where there is a fresh bacon sandwich that no one wants on the table”

  6. The power to control particles. Think of magneto on steroids, but you could also cause sub-atomic reactions, alter matter, pick it. :-)

  7. Shapeshifting so that I could see myself as a naked chick any time I wanted.

    What? You just wish you’d thought of it first!

  8. If immortality is out of buissness I would choose power to convince any person in the world to my arguments.