Star Trek Captain’s Chair Pet Bed [Pic + Video]


The perfect pet bed for Star Trek fans who have a cat or a dog!

From Thinkgeek:

You are the only four-legged Captain in Starfleet. Your Lieutenants gather around you, desperately vying for your approval and catering to your every whim. You send Landing Parties to distant worlds and they return with strange new foods. (Treats?!) You accompany Landing Parties to strange new worlds and return after having marked all the outlying territory as Starfleet’s. Then there was that science officer called “The Vet.” Gosh, wasn’t he annoying? Good thing you got him transferred to a distant star system. You know, all of this commanding is a tiring job! Maybe you should take a little nap in your comfy Captain’s Chair. Nobody will notice, and if they do? They won’t dare say anything. You’re the captain, after all!

[Star Trek Captain’s Chair Pet Bed | Via Technabob]


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