Look! Doctor Who Series 8 Gets a Launch Trailer + Premiere Date [Video]

Watch it on Saturday, August 23, at 8:00pm ET/PT on BBC America, geeks.

Edit: This one works internationally:

[Via NA]


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  1. It could be the terrible resolution in the international video nullifying the visual impact, but I can’t help but think that action slow motion scenes should only be used at emotional high points of established scenes. The idea is that slowing of time is meant to mimic a similar sensation you get when adrenaline kicks in makes sense. It’s a good visual trick to show how fast the action/thinking of the movies is in comparison to the average ability to act/think. You could even try to use it as a trick to try and manipulate the emotions of the audience… kinda like a roller-coaster.

    Action slow motion should never be used to show how awesome special/visual effects are. I can’t help but worry that’s what this teaser was all about. It’s more important for science fiction/fantasy series to have clever and engaging writing rather than having expensive visual effects. I’m going to assume that, as per usual, the advertising team has know idea what they’re selling.

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