Penny4NASA: Because NASA is Seriously Underfunded [Video]

NASA’s annual budget is about half a penny on one tax dollar in the U.S. Imagine what they could do with a full penny!

We uphold the importance of NASA by highlighting scientific exploration, research and education as paramount to society’s success. NASA’s current budget, at 0.5% of the total U.S. budget, does not reflect the hugely important economic, technological and inspirational resource that this agency has been in its 50+ year history. This is the people saying that as a society, we want our tax dollars to reflect the importance of scientific exploration, research and education; and 0.5% doesn’t cut it. The NASA budget must be increased to at least 1% of the U.S. federal budget.

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2 Responses to Penny4NASA: Because NASA is Seriously Underfunded [Video]

  1. If NASA had twice the funding they would be able to waste more money than they do now.

    Unfortunately, NASA has lost its way from its foundation. There is no vision, no direction, no accountability and no more “dreaming.” In short, NASA became a jobs program with rapidly increasing costs and diminishing returns.

    Until NASA itself can change, the US can and should rely on the private sector to take the technological lead in the US.

    • the problem is vision, direction all come from white house and congress and they have been sorely lacking. congress turned the agency into a jobs program with their senate launch system and slow rolling the commercial crew so that it doesn’t become evident how redundant the Orion vehicle is. NASA has tried to dream with this asteroid mission, but it is more just a justification for SLS/Orion than real roadmap to Mars. The agency isn’t given money to seriously work towards a Mission to Mars which is why it is always 2 decades in the future.