How to Build a Homemade Air Conditioner for Just $8 [Video]

All you need is a styrofoam cooler, two dryer vents, a cheap fan, and 10 minutes of your time! Voilà!

[HouseholdHacker | Via Korben]

5 Responses to How to Build a Homemade Air Conditioner for Just $8 [Video]

    • If you’re using this in the same building as the freezer where you froze the water, you are creating an inefficient cycle of waste heat generation which will increase the temperature of the building. The cooling effect will only be local.

      • Although the cooling effect from the air conditioner will indeed be local, it’s probably not going to be a significant loss if you were running fans and freezers in the building anyway. In fact, the freezer might be a tiny bit more efficient if you’re keeping it full of water bottles, rather than wasting energy trying to cool a larger amount of air inside of it. Mind, I wouldn’t exactly call that a leap in efficiency, but this looks like a decent temporary fix for someone whose air conditioning is not working. My concern would be condensation and/or spills, and electrical hazards from trying to run a dry-air fan in a potentially wet device.

  1. If your ice is coming from a freezer in the same room, then you are spinning your wheels.
    It’s the same reason you can’t cool the room by leaving the freezer door open.

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