8 Ways To Make Your Phone Live Longer

8 tricks to help keep your phone battery in a “healthy” condition.



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  1. I’ve seen that “use airplane mode to charge faster” tip before, but that doesn’t make much sense to me. Well, it makes some sense. Presumably, by using airplane mode, your phone isn’t sending or receiving signals, so it isn’t spending power actively maintaining those wireless connections. That part I get… as far as it goes. But being in airplane mode means you aren’t going to receive any calls or texts. Since that is the case, it seems to me if you are willing to use airplane mode to charge, you would have even less battery drain, and thus get a faster charge, if you simply turn off the phone while charging.

  2. Somehow having a phone live longer by rendering it halfway useless doesn’t seem to be the right way of going about doing things.

    I realize that one begins one’s design/prototype by the designer’s ideals, but once it gets to the customer, things like leaving it plugged in for a long time should be taken into account. These are great tips NOW. But to move forward we must use the devises how we instinctively would and build ways to allow such methods to make them comfortable to us as humans.

  3. The 2 best things to save battery is to turn off Wi-Fi when you don’t absolutely need it and set your screen brightness to Auto. DONE.

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