‘Star Wars’ Gets the ‘Robotech’ Treatment [VIDEO]

Otaking77077 created this short video, giving us a glimpse of what Star Wars would like if animated like Robotech.

[COOL CHANNEL | via Nerdist]


10 Responses to ‘Star Wars’ Gets the ‘Robotech’ Treatment [VIDEO]

  1. Been out for a while. If I remember correctly, the creator said it is mostly rotoscoping. (drawing on top of movie or 3D).

    This is the animated SW we wanna see. Not the 3D animations as clone wars or the upcoming rebels. <– (personal opinion)

  2. Okay, I’m gonna have to be that guy and say this….

    I’m sick to death of weeaboos demanding everything be animed. I’m sick to death of it. Anime just looks like the samey crappy big eye small mouth BS. Hell, even the major Japanese animators and artists HATE anime.
    So, please, stop crying for anime Star Trek or Star Wars or Doctor Who.

  3. Brings up to many bad memories… Boba Fett was introduced for the first time in an anime style Star Wars episode in the Holiday Special…

  4. I would watch this all the time, this was great, especially if it was completely Empirecentric. We need a story told from their side.

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