If Batman Were Part of Watchmen? [COMIC]

I hate clowns, too. *snicker*


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  1. Batman was already there and couldn’t do anything. Nite Owl is more or less Batman… just they aren’t DC so they couldn’t use Batman.

      • Well, yes and no. Watchmen was originally going to use characters acquired from Wildstorm comics when the company went over-The question would have been Rorschach, Captain Atom would have been Dr.Manhattan (Can’t remember the other comparisons) . But since they were all going to be effectively killed off (It was originally going to be a cannon story within the DC universe) DC told Miller he’d have to change the ending or make new characters.

        • Actually Yes.
          Watchmen was published by DC and written by Alan Moore not Mark Miller. The characters were based on characters from Charlton Comics, Wildstorm was founded in the 90’s and went under around 2010 (over twenty years after the release of Watchmen).
          In the book “Watching the Watchmen” it shows a typed note from Alan Moore to Dave Gibbons describing the setting for the story and explaining that the story should be separate from DC’s main universe, not DC’s decision.

        • I think you mean Charlton comics bud. Wildstorm didn’t even exist yet when Watchman came out. Also, it was written by Alan Moore, not Frank Miller.

  2. Ozymandius was an example of the peak physical and mental condition for a human being in his comic book universe. Also a billionaire with a mastery of high technology. He accounted for everything, even DR. Manhattan couldn’t make out what his own future would be because of Ozymandius’ planning, also I dont recall batman ever catching a bullet with his bare hands, Whats more……………

    Wow, Im actually about to make a case for why it would be unlikely that Batman would be able to thwart Ozymandius.

    You know your a nerd when…