University to Offer Scholarships to Gamers!

Now being a killer gamer may actually pay off scholastically!

The Chicago, Illinois-based Robert Morris University is offering scholarships this fall for online gaming.

Yup — online gaming.

According to USA Today:

The university announced its plan to offer scholarships, up to 50% for tuition and 50% for room and board, to a handful of online gamers to compete in the online game League of Legends … The game already has a vast network of teams, both on the high school and college levels, that participate in tournaments. Robert Morris will compete against universities such as Arizona State, George Washington and Harvard.

League of Legends

Incidentally, the U.S. government deemed League of Legends a SPORT last July “after a lengthy campaign by Riot and others to get LoL’s pro players recognised as professional athletes,” according to PC Gamer. International gamers classified as “pros” can now come to the U.S. on working visas for tournaments.



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