RUMOR MILL: A List of DC Movies to be Released Over Next 4 Years

Justice League

First off: If you don’t know who Nikki Finke is, let me fill you in real quick:

Finke is a Hollywood reporter. She was also the founder and editor-in-chief of until 2013, when the website announced her departure. Aside from a journalism resume that is pretty impressive — she’s written for The New York Times, Vanity Fair, The Washington Post, and Esquire, among others — she is also extremely feared and/or hated among the Hollywood elite, depending on who you talk to.

That being said, I bring this news to you — directly from her new blog — with a grain of salt. We’ll know more when San Diego Comic-Con happens in July.

According to Finke’s sources, this is the upcoming movie slate for DC Comics and Warner Bros.:

May 2016 – Batman v Superman
July 2016 – Shazam
Xmas 2016 – Sandman
May 2017 – Justice League
July 2017 – Wonder Woman
Xmas 2017 – Flash and Green Lantern team-up (Ryan Reynolds out)
May 2018 – Man Of Steel 2

Are you excited about this potential news? What do you think of DC/WB’s massive undertaking over the next 4 years, presuming this list is accurate?

[Source: Nikki Finke]


5 Responses to RUMOR MILL: A List of DC Movies to be Released Over Next 4 Years

    • Nah. By the end of Man of Steel, Superman was still ostensibly a rookie. If his solo film was next, it would be yet another film about rookie Superman going through growing pains and not acting like the traditional seasoned paragon because he hadn’t experienced it or earned it yet. Then, if you have him run into Batman and the League, he’d be too mature, secure, and established to baited into any kind of conflict with Batman… making for dry character interaction.

      This way is better and brilliant. Rookie Superman is still developing his character meaning conflict with Batman is a little more natural, and after they overcome their conflict, their brotherhood will be a natural result of the hazing; rather than having to overcome polite niceties of two established heroes in the first proposal. Then, having been seasoned by his experiences with Batman and the League, having stepped up to be a leader and battling besides the best, when Superman steps into his solo sequel, he will have established his seniority, presence, and place in the world… the housekeeping of how he got there and world-building will have already been entirely taken care of… and you’ll get a pure Superman film much more in line with traditional desires and expectations.

      tldr, solo Superman after BvS & JL is the right approach.

  1. Didn’t know a Shazam movie was even being considered, but I’d be surprised if Warner Brothers would risk a substantial budget on this particular hero.

    A Sandman film has been talked about for ages and wouldn’t really fit comfortably into a DC Cinematic Universe so if it happens I wouldn’t expect any sort of crossover. Maybe with the new Constantine TV show.

    Talking of TV, we have the impending Flash TV show, so maybe Green Lantern will be getting a small screen reboot before another big screen outing…

    A Wonder Woman film was an eventuality; She’s the last major DC hero to get a film, despite the successful 70’s TV show. Higher profile than Flash, GL and (Green) Arrow combined, all that was needed was a concept that could bring the anachronistic Amazon Princess into a modern world.

    I’ve been waiting decades for a Justice League movie – not really bothered about seeing Cyborg, but I would like to see J’Onn J’Onnz and Aquaman feature. I guess I’m just a traditionalist when it comes to this superteam.

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