GROSS: A Seriously Infected Computer [Video]

This is gross. Be sure to enlarge the video and put it in HD to observe the nastiness.


[Carl Williams | Via Faildesk]


5 Responses to GROSS: A Seriously Infected Computer [Video]

  1. I used to work for a company that refurbished CRT monitors. Roaches inside of them are very common. We would get the strangest things in these CRTs. one of them i opened that was completely filled with sand. I also opened one that had Adult toy wrapper shoved inside of it. The biggest wow factor in one is we found a bag of white substance shoved in one with a syringe in there too.

  2. Hope you guys Like my video….the grossest thing about it was this is a laptop, you put it in your LAP or on your bed. The thought of that made my skin crawl. I feel special to be posted on Geeks Are Sexy and FailDesk. Love your guys blog and glad I can be a special post.

  3. Still doesn’t beat the desktop i worked on with a dead bird inside, and not as funny as the desktop i worked on that i found a fully wrapped mcdouble either..