10 Reasons Why Sauron is Actually a Really Great Guy


Some funny edits on why Sauron is actually a really great guy by Tumblr user alpha-blaziken.








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    • Uhm.. two things are wrong about that.

      1. plural of Palantir isn’t Palantirs… It’s Palantirí.

      2. They were created by MEN of Númenór, who established their kingdom on the island of Elenna (which was later referred to as Númenór due to it’s inhabitants being Númenórians).

      That was the golden age of the man kind, until their downfall.

      • Never mind, having done a research after submitting the comment to confirm my correction, i’m not 100% right.

        It has been a year since i’ve read The Silmarillion. Apparently Feanor indeed was the one to make the Palantíri. Which were then gifted to Gil Galad. Later on Elendil takes seven of them upon the downfall of Númenór.

        Sorry for that. (I remember reading about Men of Númenór learning the crafts of the Elves and crafting magical items aswell, Palantíri being among them.)