Hilarious Stick Family Car Decals [Picture Gallery]

A few months ago, I posted this awesome stick figure family decal, which I thought was hilarious.


And today, I stumbled on a few other funny ones on Amazon, check these out!




[Product Pages: Alien Abduction Car Decal | Nightmare on Elm Street | Zombie Car Decal | Monster Truck Car Decal | Chainsaw Car Decal | Jet Fighter Car Decal | T-Rex Car Decal | Via]


One Response to Hilarious Stick Family Car Decals [Picture Gallery]

  1. The funniest comment my wife has gotten about the Trex one was:
    Them: “Don’t you think that its a little insensitive?”
    Me: “What, to families who lost loved ones to T-Rex attacks?”

    I wasn’t invited back :)