STAR WARS: “LEGENDS” [Full Trailer]

From Marc Dominic Rienzo:

Originally planned to be finished in 2007 for the Star Wars 30th Anniversary, this edit went uncompleted for years. Now with Episode VII coming out, it had seemed pointless to finish. But in honor of the great, late Don Lafontaine who provided an AMAZING voice over, I had to get this out there even though it’s a bit rough around the edges. I could not let “THE VOICE” go unheard. Many thanks to the creators of original fan film works who provided footage for this edit.

…and while I love the EU, I eagerly look forward to EPVII. I think they have the best of the best in place on it.

[Marc Dominic Rienzo]


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  1. THIS is what it should have been. That a bunch of amateurs managed to do a better work than Lucas and Disney put together speaks both of the marvelous creativity and ingenuity in men, and the enormous stupidity of those in power.

    • I’m sorry but how can you say they’ve done a better work than Disney when you have no freaking clue what kind of experience Disney is going to give you?

      • Simple, cause you don’t start your journey into an established setting by completely dismissing 30 years of its mythos. See what Del Rey did with the Bantam era books? That’s how it is done. They didn’t disregard any of the previous works, whether one thought them to be terrible or great, they addressed them and moved on. I can’t recall a single example of an enterprise or individual completely dismissing the work of others before them, as well as a huge chunk of its fanbase, and still creating a satisfying experience.

        • Lucas constantly asserted that the EU wasn’t cannon. It came up on more than one occasion. The announcement from Disney basically said that they wouldn’t be using the whole EU as cannon but may still pull elements from it for future projects. That’s the best decision moving forward given how much material is in the Expanded Universe. They didn’t completely dismiss it.

        • That’s why I mentioned Lucas along with Disney. The merit of his actions is a matter of debate even nowadays, but here’s how I see it: If you sell your license to a third party to create content for it, and then you dismiss what they do because it doesn’t agree with you, and you do it constantly, and earn money with this, sure, it may be within your legal rights, but it doesn’t speak very well of you as an author or as an employer. It disrespects both the audience and the employees. Most of the people I know who are into the EU were “glad”Lucas dismissed it because that meant he didn’t mess it up (prior to the prequels). As for pulling elements from the EU for future projects, in the best case scenario is tantamount to saying: “Look, I won’t take what you did into account, I will make up my own story, but I may put some of your ideas in there.” How do you feel when you read that? As audience and author, it’s disrespectful. Sure, people who don’t know or couldn’t care less about the EU won’t have an issue, but that’s not the point we were discussing here.

    • He won’t. That’s the whole deal. Early in the whole episode VII thing it was stated none of the EU will be respected or taken into account for future films. The 30 years of work will be re-labeled under the LEGENDS brand, which is why this trailer is called such. They’ve effectively killed Star Wars as a serious endeavor.

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