Daddy! Daddy! Look! I Caught Some Fireflies! [Comic]


[Source: Camp Tokar Via NA]

17 Responses to Daddy! Daddy! Look! I Caught Some Fireflies! [Comic]

  1. y’all do realize that fireflies typically only live for 24 hours and their main purpose to mate & lay eggs, after which they die; so this little girl is taking all the fun out of their short lives!!

  2. who cares ,, it’s Firefly there fore awesome. No need to get into the mating habits of fireflies or anything like that . It was a play on words and went to characters. Nice comic, fun for geeks and no it all’s alike!

  3. I haven’t seen a real firefly in years. I’m guessing it has something to do with the increase in pesticides in the environment, but who knows. I sure do miss the days when just about any field in the southern U.S. had hundreds of them twinkling around every evening.

    • Me too. My Aunt has a small farm with a huge tree in front of the house and at night, it looks like it’s a fairy village…or it did about 25 years ago :(

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