Marvel Superheroes vs. Their DC Equivalents [Picture Gallery]


A fantastic series of illustrations by Canadian artist Darren Rawlings depicting various Marvel superheroes alongside their DC equivalents. If you’re reading this from the front page, be sure to hit the “Read More” link below for the whole series!























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  1. Two of these were already done when Marvel and DC did their crossover. Archangel/hawkman and Quicksilver/Flash. Literally, the same drawing, just more professional. I’m thinking the Fate/Strange was too, but not sure about that.

    • They did. Dr. Strangefate. They also did Thanos and Darkseid (Thanoseid).

  2. Flash is faster………DC invented the speedsters and quicksilver couldn’t keep up with flash if he wanted to.

        • I recall that Flash couldn’t run as fast in the Marvel Universe in JLA vs. Avengers and Quicksilver grabbed the Cosmic cube before the Flash could, however in the DC universe flash would win because the speed force is present in the DC universe. Which is what Cameron Alexander said. Just like when The Scarlet Witch (Quicksilver’s sister) enter the DC Universe her powers go out of control because of the presence of a stronger force of magic than in the Marvel Universe.

  3. Deadpool v. Deathstroke suggested addendum: In Nebraska, there is a fairly important court case captioned Wilson v. Wilson. I know, I know, extremely meta. Also, future additions to this series could have Cyborg and Deathlok, Starlord and Adam Strange, Wonder Woman and Captain (Ms.) Marvel, Ant-Man and Atom and Mockingbird and Black Canary.

  4. These would make cool shirts! But yeah, missing a few:

    Cyborg and Deathlok
    Mockingbird and Black Canary
    Niles Caulder and Professor X
    Adam Strange and Starlord
    Sentry and Captain Marvel (Shazam) should have joined Gladiator, Superman and Hyperion.
    Blue Beetle and Spiderman
    Deadshot and Bullseye
    Neron and Mephisto
    Kobra and Hydra
    Captain Boomerang and Boomerang

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  5. I disagree on the Wilson vs. Wilson thing, mostly because we already *know* that Wade Wilson was intentionally made to parody Slade Wilson, and has a completely different personality. *shrug*

  6. It should say: DC Superheroes vs. Their Marvel Equivalents , most of dc héroes came first than their marvel countparts

  7. Since we’re talking comparisons, which hero in the pairs is more powerful?
    Flash >>> Quicksilver (easily – you need 10 Quicksilvers to come close to Flash)
    Magneto > DC version (I’m blanking on his name)
    Hawkeye > Green Arrow (some versions of Hawkeye are MUCH better, too)
    Darkseid = Thanos
    Namor > Aquaman
    Black Lightning = Electro
    Plastic Man >>> Elognated Man & Mr. Fantastic (PMs power set goes far and beyond them)
    Green Lantern > Quasar (depending on which GL it is)
    Hawkman > Angel (Hawkman would destroy Angel in a fight)
    Superman > Gladiator > Hyperion (the original wins)
    Hulk >>> Solomon Grundy (no contest)
    Martian Manhunter > Vision (better power set)
    Batman > Moon Knight
    Ultron = Brianiac
    Man Thing = Swamp Thing
    Dr. Strange > Dr. Fate
    Captain America > Whoever that is
    Sandmand > Clayface
    Deadpool > Deathstroke
    The Atom > Ant-Man

    Lookes like DC has the edge in powerful characters, but I’d give the edge to Marvel in terms of cooler characters…

    • Personally, I think Aquaman, Man-Thing, Fate, and Deathstroke would win their respective matchups. Also, Plastic Man is a dick.

      And DC’s Magneto is Doctor Polaris.

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