8-Bit Game ‘Glorious Leader!’ Tells Heroic, Awesome Life of Kim Jong Un [VIDEO]


Ever wish a video game had the same awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping heroism of Kim Jong Un??

Well, wish no more!

Atlanta, Georgia-based Moneyhorse Games has created Glorious Leader!, an (accurate) retro-style video game about the life of Kim Jong Un.

According to Moneyhorse Games:

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea commands you to know that the capitalistic pigs at Moneyhorse LLC, are developing Glorious Leader! , an epic tale about the triumph of Kim Jong Un over the entire American army. Battle through 7 unique levels as you defeat waves of imperialists, combat over-the-top bosses, and ride unicorns!

Glorious Leader! is slated to hit both PC and mobile devices by the end of this year.


[via Uproxx]


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