ViHart Gives The Best Explanation on Net Neutrality Ever [Video]

An awesome explanation of Net Neutrality by Youtuber ViHart.

If you’re wondering what YOU can do to help the fight for Net Neutrality, head over to this link and check out the description below the video.



3 Responses to ViHart Gives The Best Explanation on Net Neutrality Ever [Video]

    • What, this promotes net neutrality… it doesn’t go against it! I’m not sure what you mean by your comment….

      • Net Neutrality is control of the internet by an outside agency. THE FCC…in this case government. You can say it is not government. You can pretend it is not government but the end result is government control of the internet. The only solution here is less government not forcing the ISPs to do anything but allowing more people into the free market as ISPs. the more government the more crony capitalism. This video is bassackwards it is not the government that will force neutrality it is the government that caused the problem in the first place. Deregulation is the solution more regulation is a fail on a massive level.

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