Why Do They Always Have to be so Darn Big? [Comic]



[Source: Electric Bunny Comics]


5 Responses to Why Do They Always Have to be so Darn Big? [Comic]

  1. Honestly, I would prefer it if (when ladies are represented in the game), they had smaller breasts. There is a very real point in which large breasts simply get in the way, and I know many fine folk, myself included, that would enjoy seeing ladies with smaller cup sizes.

    Where are the B’s? The low C’s? A’s, anyone? D’s and F’s and larger are unnecessary most of the time.

    • Variety and reality never hurts (like accepting that gravity also affects our boobs). Don’t want to end up like Japan where they need special female therapists to strip down and help men understand what real women’s bodies are like…that’s a real thing there, the men who grow up with unrealistic manga/anime/video game standards get to a point they don’t know what to do with real girls and it makes me sad.

      Cheers to the changes to Lara Croft and folks continuing to buy the game despite that! It’d be nice to see them slow down on the male power fantasy characters too and focus more on average looking guys or just different male body types doing great things.

    • I have to say, as a woman WITH F’s, I don’t have a problem with this. I like having representation XD