An Illustrated Size Chart to the Dragons in Fantasy [Pic]


1: Mushu (Mulan) – 1m
2: Spyro (Spyro the Dragon) – 1m
3: Charizard (Pokémon) – 1.7m
4: Dragonite (Pokémon) – 2.2m
5: Toothless (Hot to Train Your Dragon) – 8.5m
6: Elliot (Pete’s Dragon) – 10m
7: Hungarian Horntail (Harry Potter) – 15m
8: Toruk (Avatar) – 20m
9: Shenlong (Dragon Ball Z) – 30m
10: Temeraire (Series by Naomi Novik) – 40m
11: Skyrim’s Dragon – 45m
12: Reign of Fire’s Dragon – 50m
13: Smaug (The Hobbit) – 60m
14: Drogon, Viserion, Rhaegal (A Song of Ice and Fire) – 61m
15: Balerion (A Song of Ice and Fire) – 76m

[Source: The Daily Dot]


23 Responses to An Illustrated Size Chart to the Dragons in Fantasy [Pic]

  1. This is really cool….except for the glaring lack of Mnementh from McCaffery’s Dragonriders of Pern. It’s disappointing, actually. How can Harry Potter dragons or Ice and Fire dragons be listed above hers?? **shakes head**

    • Because they’re on tv and more widely known than your dragondriders (which sound vaguely familiar but not well known by me.) I read a lot of fantasy so I’m surprised I haven’t read them. So thanks, not I have a new line of books to read.

  2. There’s no way Toothless is 8 meters long. He is at most 2 Hiccups (maybe 2.5) and Hiccup isn’t 4 meters tall

  3. The Skyrim Dragon is a little off….The person is about as big as it’s head, jsut a bit smaller. Not the size of like its nose. -_-

  4. 1) Agree with missing dragon’s from Pern novel series and Vermithrax.
    2) As much as I like TNES, I hope they never add Falcor.

  5. okay just no most of these are so wrong its ridiculous like Shenron(dbz) for example he his so far over 30m, u saying hes even in the 30m range is stupid he literally covers miles so unless the m stands for miles ur so wrong its actually painful and if it is miles all other dragons on there would be the wrong size also ive watched pretty much everything there is to do with dragons not a single one of them in any show or movie comes close to the size of Shenron the only one that does is also in dbz and is Porunga

  6. Shenlong and Skyrim are incorrect. Shenlong’s vastly larger and the Skyrim dragons are far smaller.

  7. The sizes are off, big time, and to be honest, if you want to end with a big one, you probably need to go with the dragon from “Terra Flare” summon in FF7 :)