The MEGA Plush: Badass Vigilante Plushie Group Fights Authority in Alternate Universe [Part I and II]

I wasn’t sure about what to expect from these two shorts when I started watching the first episode, but darn, I was hooked right away! Be sure to watch the second episode at the bottom of the post!

In the gritty underworld of the big city, under the cover of darkness, a war is brewing. The Mega Plush, a group of plush toy vigilantes are struggling against the uprising of the SOC army (Society of Chimps) and their evil leader, whose master plan is to dictate over the plush kingdom and eradicate the last thing standing in his way, The Mega Plush.

The question is “who has the stuffing to survive?”

Can’t wait for episode III and IV!

[The MEGA Plush]

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