Nanodots Can Help You Fully Charge Your Phone In Less Than 30 Seconds


An Israeli firm says it’s made a phone charger that can recharge a battery in less than 30 seconds. But as so often in such cases, it will be at least a few years before it’s ready for commercial release.

StoreDot demonstrated the technology by recharging a Samsung S4 from dead battery to full capacity in 26 seconds. The catch was that charger is roughly the size of a pack of cigarettes.

The technology is based around “Nanodots” which the company describes as spherical “bio-organic peptide molecules” that are only two nanometers in diamater. A peptide is a chain of amino acids that is shorter than a protein, though peptides can self-assemble to form proteins.

Though StoreDot hasn’t gone into great detail about how the battery charging works, it has said that using the Nanodots on battery electrodes can “increase the chemical reaction to produce extra energy.”

One big downside is that the charger has to be custom-made to fit a specific handset’s battery. At the moment the Samsung S4 is the only model supported. While it’s reported Samsung has helped finance the project, StoreDot says that is not the case. It says its funding comes from an unnamed Chinese manufacturer.

The company says the goal is to adapt the technology so it is built directly into a battery itself, which could then connect to a more traditionally-sized charger. The planned timetable is to get a battery that fits inside a phone in around a year, then work on getting the capacity of the battery up to that of existing models around a year after that.

In turn StoreDot says the first models should be ready for manufacturers by the end of 2016 and that production costs will likely be around a third higher than existing batteries. That may be subject to delay, however, as the company will need a larger-scale chemical processing facility.

The company is also exploring using the Nanodots to form crystals for phone screens, something it believes will be less toxic than existing manufacturing methods.

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