A Visual History of Batman, Superman… and Wonder Woman [Pic]


Redditor hitokirivader says:

I made tributes to the Supermen and Batmen, so it only felt fitting to include all 73 years of Wonder Women.

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  1. There has only been one Wonder Woman… Maybe treating the Man Of Steel and the Dark Knight should be treated the same way…

  2. Waaaayyyy back, there was a blonde Wonder Woman on tv. I just googled it and it was Cathy Lee Crosby. 1974! wow.. The point of this pic is still 100% valid though.

  3. this may work for video portrayals of wonder woman, however, her costume *has* changed over the years… at one point, she wore a skirt, instead of the one piece… the style of costume has changed over the years much in the way batman’s has. Video has just never shown them probably due to their being more video of superman and batman *both going back to the serials of the bijou era* and wonder woman only being seen in video for a short bit of time.

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