Beautiful Art Nouveau Slave Leia Beach Towel


Product Description:

If you think you’ve experienced luxury cruising, think again. A trip on Jabba’s sail barge offers the finest in cuisine from across the galaxy in a incomparable setting. Walk amongst ornate tapestries and art from distant planets (acquired through various means). Play sabacc in our fully-equipped casino or relax in the comfort of our sportsbook and take in the podracing. Experience once-in-a-lifetime entertainment. Note: The price for the ever-popular Sarlacc pit excursion is included in your ticket to see the Last Daughter of Alderaan. This towel is perfect for lounging out on the decks of the Khetanna and basking in the warmth of Tatooine’s twin suns. 100% cotton terry, it features a gorgeous art nouveau design by Adam Hughes.

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